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Monday, 14 January 2013

Activate Windows 7 Using RemoveWAT

Hi and assalamualaikum guys..
most of my friends ask me how to activate windows 7 using pirate version,how to crack windows and bla bla bla.. so, in this very-very early morning, i wanna share to you all, how to activate windows 7!!!

actually, there are 2 ways to activate windows 7 pirate..
1.using loader
2.using remove wat

so, in my post here, i want to show you how to activate windows using remove wat because its very easy..

follow steps below..

1. download the file first, Download Here.

2.disable antivirus because some antivirus will detect it as virus, some of them not..

3.extract the file using winrar, if you dont have it,please download and install it before extract removewat, its fully activated winrar, not trial..
 Winrar 4.0 Fully Activated

4.remember to uninstall your KB971033 first,.

what is KB971033 ? its WAT...
what is WAT ?? its windows activation technology which is software to detect whether you using pirate windows or original windows..

to remove this,. follow the pictures below..

go to start>control panel, as you can see the option top right screen, choose view by LARGE

then scroll down the screen, find Windows Update, the last 1..and open it..

at the left side screen, you can 'View Update History', click it..

to uninstall your update, click on 'Intalled Updates' on the top of the screen..

scroll down your windows and find the title 'Microsoft Windows'..
under that title, find your KB971033 and right click,uninstall it..

to prevent the windows intall WAT again, please go back here again, and 'Check for updates'
KB971033 will show ready to update, usually it will show at important updates...
click on important updates, right click on kb971033 and hide updates..

you windows will never install that update anymore.. (unless you unhide it)
DONE for WAT !!

5.open removewat in the folder, run it as admistrator.. 
as shown in the picture below..

6.click on 'Remove WAT' and wait for it to working.. it will autorestart and you dont need to worry about it.. 

7.after restart, go to icon computer, right click and properties, if there is no stated windows activation at the bottom of your screen, your activation is WORK !!

8.if still shown 'windows not genuine', you have to use loader..

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Mell Gomez said...

Thanks! you are Great!

Windows 7 Ultimate said...

coooooooooooooool blog!

Windows 7 Ultimate said...

coooooooooooooool blog!

cari uang lewat ekiosku.com said...

Thanks for sharing bro!!

Alif Al Hatta Osman said...

thanks for the comment... :)

aziz ur rehman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
suny usmani said...

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